Companies available in Diamond Accounts

When accessing Diamond Accounts as a test user, there will be five companies presented and all of them will be accessible.

One of these companies is called Diamond Wines Ltd and is the only company that contains data. This can be used to test reporting, posting invoices, payments, view the products file and anything else to see the impact it has on the sample figures.

The other four companies on the list are all blank and are used to show how the user security levels operate. This is different from a live account, because the user levels would normally be set on a per user basis.

There are a total of five user levels within Diamond Accounts.  Level 1 is used by the system administrators, but levels 2 through 5 are available and the higher the number the greater the level of restrictions on the user.

The Diamond Accounts help file contains more information. When the application is running, simply press F1 to bring up context help and browse for security levels.

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