Although Diamond Discovery Online is run entirely remotely, there are certain minimum requirements of the software on your PC or laptop to help ensure that all the features of the service are available to you.

Operating System

The operating system on your PC or laptop must be up to date.  Click here to check this.

Terminal Services (TS) Client

This software runs your remote desktop when launched from your PC or laptop rather than from our web site.  The minimum requirement is TS Client 6.1.  Click here to check this.

Microsoft .NET Framework

This software supports communiction between the software on your PC or laptop and the software on our web-based servers.  The minimum requirement is .NET Framework 3.0 SP1.  Click here to check this.

If you have trouble locating or installing any of this software, please contact your PC or laptop supplier or the Microsoft support web site.

Net2Printer RDP

This additional software will simplify your experience with printing from our remote desktop.  Click here to install this.

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