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Diamond Discovery Online provides a secure desktop environment, available from any Internet connection Worldwide, to manage your accounts and aspects of your business administration.

We handle the hardware, we maintain the software, we keep your data safe... leaving you to concentrate on your business! 

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Diamond Online network explained

A bit about the technical setup... 

Simply use any Internet connection from your office, home or anywhere else to access your remote desktop and your business data.

A series of powerful rack servers* are housed in an air-cooled, secure data centre with an extremely high capacity Internet connection**. These hold your data and allow the remote access to it, using a Remote Desktop.

Upon logging into your own desktop, you will instantly see a familiar desktop environment where you can run the applications you have selected. All the data is stored in your own documents folder, where it is included in the twice-daily backup routine.

All modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac, feature a Remote Desktop Client which can be used to access the system. For Internet Explorer users, there is a convenient web interface to save time.

Your local disk drives and printers can be easily shared, so the data is not locked on the remote system - it is your data and you can access it or move it whenever you wish.

So, feel free to give it a try and enjoy the benefits of not being tied to a specific location!

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* Dual core Xeon processors, lots of memory and RAID disk drives to minimise the risks of a failure. ** Clean air purified to a constant 21C, with perimiter fencing, card swipe access and manned 24 hours per day.

Support and further information 

If you require support for access, printing, software or security, the following may help:

The entire overview or support sections provide comprehensive information, please review it carefully - we're sure most of the answers are in there.

Remember to take a look at the product overview!

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