Product Overview 

Diamond Online gives you the power of a feature-rich accounting system, payroll and office productivity - coupled with the additional benefit of not being tied to any one specific location.

A Complete Desktop Solution:

Rather than learning a new software interface, Diamond Online provides a remotely hosted Windows Desktop with the familiar features to which you've become accustomed.

Files, printers and even the clipboard for copy and paste functions can be shared between your PC and the remote System.

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Diamond Online provides a Complete Desktop

The following are some of the leading software packages available on Diamond Online:

Diamond Online Accounts: Prelude Edition

Diamond Accounts

Featuring control of the sales, purchase and nominal ledgers as standard, this is a solid starting point or robust accounting application for many small and medium businesses. It also features 33 preset reports.

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Diamond Online Payroll: Business Edition

Diamond Payroll

Diamond Discovery's payroll software packs in crucial features for in modern businesses, such as customisable additions / deductions, electronic filing capability, a unique PAYE and NI calculator and an error correction facility.

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Diamond Online: Ability Office Suite 

Ability Office Suite

The Ability Office Suite consists of full featured applications, including Write, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation - all of which are compatible with standard file formats. Solid applications  to maximise the use of the Diamond Online system.

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There are other applications available; some are standard and others are optional:

If you have any questions, please check the support section for more information.

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