Printing using the RDP connection

Printing content from applications on a remote system can often be problematic.

The problem lies in telling the remote system the name and type of printer driver to use, then moving the data between the remote system and your local printer in an efficient manner, while maintaining security of the data being transferred.

To resolve these problems, Diamond Discovery Online makes use of Net2Printer, which simplifies the whole process and allows the remote system to make use of network printers, shared printers and, of course, your selection of local printers. Furthermore, it is possible to have the printed pages converted to PDF format and emailed to your email address.

You need to install a software program (the client application) to your local system. This is the Net2Printer Driver and it will allow you to select the printers that are to be made available to the remote system. When you click 'print' the pages are printed - just the way it should be.

Download Net2Printer Driver

More information: View download and install instructions

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