Printing and Remote Printer Drivers

Printing from your Diamond Discovery Hosted Desktop is only possible using the Net2Printer application, which must be installed and running on your PC or laptop before you connect to your desktop.

Printing is the most technically challenging aspect of a remote desktop environment and is made possible by the use of remote printer driver software. Our chosen software provider is Net2Printer and the software must be installed on your PC or laptop before you can print from our platform. The installation and configuration is simple and the software will sit silently in the background on your PC or laptop.

If Net2Printer is already installed

If Net2Printer is already installed on your PC or laptop and you are installing an update, before you install the update from this web page you must first uninstall the existing installation on your PC or laptop. The full update process would be as follows:

This will help to ensure that the Net2Printer update is installed cleanly and completely.

Installing Net2Printer

To install Net2Printer from this web page, first click the link below. Depending on the internet browser you are using, you will either be able to run the installation program directly from the link or you will have to download it to your PC or laptop, remembering the folder to which you save it, and then run it manually by double-clicking on the file icon in that folder.

Download Net2Printer Installer v1.16.2 (17.5MB)

After you have installed the software you must restart your PC or laptop.

After this, your default local printer will automatically be made available to the applications on our platform. With the installed configuration program you may also set up other printers.

Installation includes a help file which explains how to use Net2Printer beyond your local default printer. Find this help file from the local Start Menu on your PC or laptop.

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