Using Diamond Discovery Online with different Operating Systems

The underlying technology used by Diamond Discovery Online relies on Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which has been designed to be secure and flexible.  Before you use the online service, you will want to know if it will work with your existing IT hardware and software.

The short answer is that Diamond Discovery Online will work on any system that supports RDP and the list is pretty extensive as the following table demonstrates:

Operating System Remote Desktop Access Support for printing Sharing disk drives
MS Windows 7 Yes Yes Yes
MS Windows Vista Yes Yes Yes
MS Windows Server 2008 Yes Yes Yes
MS Windows Server 2003 Yes Yes Yes
MS Windows XP Yes Yes Yes
MS Windows 95, 98, Me Yes* Yes No
Mac OS 7 and before No  No  No 
Mac OS 8 Yes* No No 
Mac OS 9 Yes No No
Mac OS X Yes No No
Linux with KDE or Gnome Yes* No Yes
BSD or FreeBSD No No No

* An additional download may be required depending on your Operating System.

To launch a connection from the website you must use Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser.  This works with IE version 6 and onwards.  With IE7 and IE8 you may have to change the security settings to allow the use of the required ActiveX  Add-on.  This is explained in these related support articles:

If you are still unsure whether Diamond Discovery Online is the right solution for you, then we can set up a FREE TRIAL to help you evaluate the service.

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