Diamond Online Essentials

Security, Protection and Business Continuity

Our platform stores our customers' essential business data, so it is important that we explain the measures we take to ensure that this data is safe and secure. We like to be open and transparent about the technology and procedures we use... [More]

Using Diamond Discovery Online with different Operating Systems

The underlying technology used by Diamond Discovery Online relies on Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which has been designed to be secure and flexible.  Before you use the online service, you will want to know if it w... [More]

Glossary of Diamond Online Terms

As Diamond Online may be a new concept to many, we try to use consistent terminology for which the following glossary may help.  Technical Terminology Diamond Desktop This is the Desktop you have at your disposal when logged in... [More]

Connection Timeouts and Automatic Disconnections

For the purposes of security and the preserving Diamond Online server resources, Users may be automatically disconnected, or logged out entirely, following lengthy periods of session inactivity. These timeouts are as follows: ... [More]

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