A Complete Desktop Solution

Diamond Online provides a complete desktop for your online working environment. If you're familiar with a Windows desktop, start menu and other common features, you'll have no problem navigating Diamond Online.

Rather than focusing on features, consider how Diamond Online may help you in your working practices:

Diamond Online for Business Management

You will have your own Diamond Online desktop installed on our servers in a secure data centre. Licensed software applications and a user account will be applied according to your requirements and you will be able to process your accounts from the office, home or from anywhere with an Internet connection. Diamond Online provides the benefit of a powerful business and accounting solution without the problems of upgrades, re-licensing or data security.

Diamond Online for Accountants

The accountant will have a dedicated sector on our servers in a secure data centre with a full suite of licensed software applications available. Individual accounts can be issued for in-house users and each of their clients that wish to use the service. In particular, this will give both accountant and client instant and real-time access to the client's data allowing the accountant to offer added-value and timely support and advice from the office, remotely or on-site.

Diamond Online for Franchise Groups

The delivery of accounting systems for franchisors and franchisees can be complicated due to geographical differences and commonly a need for centralised administration.  As Diamond Online is remotely hosted, it can be accessed from any location with a stable Internet Connection yet if required the head office can share access to the accounts to assist where necessary.  Furthermore, the stability and consistency are extremely valuable for the smooth running of the operation.


Why not sign up for a no-obligation trial account to see Diamond Online for yourself.  At the end of the trial period, you can simply cancel or upgrade to include the features you need.

Take a look at the sign up information for details and pricing.


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